SmartJIG™ 2.0 Deluxe
SmartJIG™ 2.0 Deluxe
SmartJIG™ 2.0 Deluxe
SmartJIG™ 2.0 Deluxe
SmartJIG™ 2.0 Deluxe
SmartJIG™ 2.0 Deluxe

SmartJIG™ 2.0 Deluxe

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Jig two lines at once with the full expansion of the SmartJIG™ automatic jigging system. The SmartJIG™ Deluxe Kit includes everything you need to keep two fishing lines constantly moving. Two different jigging patterns allow you to attract your target fish species. In addition to the components of the Basic Kit, this package also includes a second Jig Arm; very useful if you are fishing two lines at once.

Fish are attracted to motion. A moving lure can be the difference between getting that bite and losing a fish's interest. Enter SmartJIG™. This one-of-a-kind fishing accessory maintains an expert jigging motion even after you set the rod down. So sit back and relax, or if you're fishing two lines, focus on one while SmartJIG™ keeps the fish interested in the other. Choose between two different jigging motions for that line. A jigging motion next to you or under your fish house brings fish to you.

Why SmartJIG™ works:

  • SmartJIG™ keeps your line moving to keep fish interested
  • Jigging action lasts roughly 5 seconds and then rests for a short period with slack in the line to give fish a chance to bite.
  • The device does not impair normal use of the fishing reel or drag in the line, so you still have full control
  • SmartJIG™ is compatible with nearly any fishing rod
  • Powered by external 12V DC battery (Not Included) 12 volt Adapter Cable and AA Battery Box is included


SmartJIG™ Controller
x2 Jig Arms
x2  2 ft Extension Cables
12 volt adapter
AA Battery Box

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