How it Works

How SmartJig™ Works

Smartjig Automatic Jigging Device

  1. The SmartJIG automatic jigging device runs off a 12 volt DC System using the AA Battery Pack or the 12 volt adapter.

  2. There are two external plug-in cords coming out of the SmartJIG control box. These cords plug into the jigging arms. Each cord has a different program where you can choose which program is best for you.

  3. Each program runs for 5 seconds, stops for 2 minutes and jigs again. The jigging sequence is repeated.

  4. SmartJIG does not set the hook. It is not a fish catching device. It is a fish attracting device where you set the hook and play the fish.

    Panfish Jigging Style Modeled After Bud Frandrup, who once held the MN State Crappie Record 

    Our programmer has ice fished for over 45 years. He has many times fished next to Bud Frandrup who once held the record for largest black crappie in Minnesota. He programmed the pan fish jigging sequence to mimic Bud’s style.

    How about the Walleye Program?

    The walleye program does it attract Fish? You tell us.