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The Smartjig automatic jigging device was designed to put motion in your line when you're busy tending another line, reeling in a tip up, taking a nap, putting burgers on the grill or playing cards with the boys. Can you hold a beer and jig two lines at the same time? I didn't think so.

Unlike other devices SmartJig doesn't catch the fish it only attracts them to your line for you to reel in.

SmartJig 2.0
The SmartJIG jigging arm has been upgraded to provide better shock-proofing and a redesigned PCB and IC control system that make it much more accurate than its predecessor. The gearing and motor have also been upgraded to improve dead bandwith and centering.
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Brand new
Rattle Reel 2.0
Keep your line jigging all night
with the new SmartJig Rattle Reel 2.0.
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Smartjig 2.0

With a redesigned body and multiple power supply options the SmartJig 2.0 is the best all in one automatic jigging device on the market.

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"I love the SmartJig. I know I catch 3-4 times as many fish with it compared to dead sticking. The only problem is that sometimes I can hardly jig with one pole because the SmartJig pole is catching too many fish. Thanks for a great product."


I purchased the SmartJIG base kit and set it up jigging my dead stick. After 20 minutes we started catching fish.  We didn’t know if it was because of the SmartJIG or not. I went outside to see how everyone else was doing. They were fishing the DEAD SEA! All the houses around us were not catching anything. I do believe that the SmartJIg attracted fish to my shack! I was not going to turn it off to see."

Thomas C.

"I purchased the SmartJIG Rattle Reel for my Ice Castle. It set up easily and was the coolest item in the house.That day the Rattle Reel had numerous hits. Two being a 28 inch and 29 inch Walleye. My Son was one happy Fisherman. It is a cool addition to the shack. I recommend it highly for a “must have addition”."

Andy J.

how it works

SmartJIg in Action

Learn how the SmartJig automatic jigging device attracts fish to your line with a jigging pattern modeled after a MN state crappie record holder.

How it works