"I Catch 3-4 Times as Many Fish"

"I love the SmartJig. I know I catch 3-4 times as many fish with it compared to dead sticking. The only problem is that sometimes I can hardly jig with one pole because the SmartJig pole is catching too many fish. Thanks for a great product."

- Paul


"SmartJIG Attracted Fish To My Shack"

"My Buddies and I fish Lake Milacs twice a year during the winter. It is known sometimes as the Dead Sea. I purchased the SmartJIG base kit and set it up jigging my dead stick. After 20 minutes we started catching fish.  We didn’t know if it was because of the SmartJIG or not. I went outside to see how everyone else was doing. They were fishing the DEAD SEA! All the houses around us were not catching anything. I do believe that the SmartJIg attracted fish to my shack! I was not going to turn it off to see."

 - Thomas C


"Love it... hangs in my ice shack and catches me fish while I watch football on the tv ha ha"

- James


"28 and 29 inch Walleyes on the SmartJIG Rattle Reel"

"I purchased the SmartJIG Rattle Reel for my Ice Castle. It set up easily and was the coolest item in the house.That day the Rattle Reel had numerous hits. Two being a 28 inch and 29 inch Walleye. My Son was one happy Fisherman. It is a cool addition to the shack. I recommend it highly for a “must have addition”."

- Andy J


"Great Addition To The Shack"

"I had purchased the SmartJIG Deluxe Kit prior to our trip to Lake of the Woods. The set up was easy and we were playing cards in no time at all. The SmartJIG started to get hits and I brought in several large perch. Then all of us started to catch fish. That evening the SmartJIG stopped and so did the bites. I called SmartJIG while in my shack,. They answered and Ray, in no time figured out that my battery was dead. Sure enough I switch batteries and the action started again. The device works great ! It is a great addition to the shack and and great Customer Service."

- Mike P


"Outstanding Customer Service"

"I purchased the SmartJIG Base Kit and I could not get it to work. I could not figure it out. I called SmartJIG and they answered!  Turns out that I was an idiot. I had the wires plugged in backwards. They are even color coded!. They were nice enough not to make me feel bad. Great device and outstanding Customer  Service! Thanks SmartJIG."

- Larry C.