About us

Made in Minnesota, USA.

When Ray Lucking retired from his job as a 3M Chemist, he embraced his hobbies. He got a part time job at a golf course so he could play more, he got a welding torch for Christmas and began building sculptures, and he started tinkering with electronics in his basement.

One winter, while retrofitting his Mr. Heater/Cooker with an automatic hot dog flipper, he had a more practical idea…Develop a jigging machine that could attract fish to your line while you were otherwise occupied (cooking a hot dog, cracking a beer, or just having fun with your buddies).

And so, a team was assembled. Ray called on his two sons to help him develop his design and get more fish on your line. So here's to fishin' smarter not harder from our team in Minnesota, USA to wherever the fish are biting!