SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel 2.0
SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel 2.0
SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel 2.0
SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel 2.0

SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel 2.0

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Get Moving

Start attracting more fish with the SmartJIG™ system.  
The SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel 2.0 includes everything you need to keep your fishing line constantly moving while keeping the full functionality of a rattle reel. 

This compact rattle reel sports two unique jigging patterns and supports a wide range of lure weights without any line resistance. SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel is a plug-and-play device that keeps your line moving and gets fish’s attention, enticing them to bite! 

Product Dimensions: 16" x 6" x3"

How it Works

  • SmartJIG™ keeps your line moving to keep fish interested
  • Jigging action lasts roughly 5 seconds and then rests for a short period to give the fish an opportunity to bite. As long as the device is turned on, it repeats this process over and over and over, giving continuous jigging action to the bait or lure.
  • The device does not impair normal use of the rattle reel function. Even if you run out of power the rattle reel function still works.
  • SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel has a battery pack built-in. ( requires 7 AA Batteries not included)
  • Use SmartJIG™ Rattle Reel while you sleep! SmartJIG™ will be providing motion to an otherwise stagnant lure. The rattling noise of a fish taking out line will wake you as a normal rattle reel does.

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