Jig Arm
Jig Arm

Jig Arm


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Two is better than one

Expand your horizons with a second Jig Arm. Your SmartJIG™ Controller can operate two Jig Arms at once; that means that you can fish two lines at once with consistent expert jigging motion. Share with a friend, or fish two lines of your own when allowed. You can even jig a different motion with each rod to attract a variety of species.

The SmartJIG jigging arm has been upgraded to provide better  shock-proofing and a redesigned PCB and IC control system that make it much more accurate than its predecessor. The gearing and motor have also been upgraded to improve dead bandwith and centering.

Motion attracts fish, and where a fish may pass up one bait it may not pass up a second.  Increase your chances of a bite with a second Jig Arm. You'll be glad you did.

2 ft Extension Included

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